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Anonymous asked: you are still sooo beautiful

Aw thank you so much, come off anon?

sevencirclesunrise asked: Hey! Do you like Shinedown, Bullet For My Valentine, or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus? We've toured nationwide with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, & were produced by the Platinum producer who worked with Shinedown & Bullet For My Valentine! We're Seven Circle Sunrise, a hard rock band from Cleveland, OH. Please check us out and like us on Facebook! Our link to our Facebook is on our Tumblr!

I love “Call Me” by Shinedown and Bullet For My Valentine is one of my favourite bands so yes, I do:)



sirens-and-succubi asked: i'd love to know someone like you where i live >< xx

Aw cutie but I’m nothing special haha but thank you I guess x


click here for more ❂

jessrar asked: Heygurl what's shakin

My ass wbu

sirens-and-succubi asked: i'm glad i have, and by that you have made me a very happy person, knowing i've made your day really does make me feel better :) so thank you xx your a lovely person too ^_^ xx

Awehh this is very lovely to hear, you are very sweet x

lavidalocos asked: Y u so pretty? :O x

I’m really not but thank you cutie x

sirens-and-succubi asked: Hey how are you beautiful :) x

Aw im very well thank you x